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There are two sections on the Paramour front page that feature listings. The first one shows recent listing submissions and the second one shows random listings from the site.

In the future featured status in a third area will be available.

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We do our best to get listings live the same business day. Each listing is verified for content by a real person (no automation so no mistakes) so most listings will go live during our business hours.

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This is 100% up to you – if you choose to write or show certain aspects of yourself who are we to say it’s not the best for you?

We do know that implied goes a long way in creating mystique though 🙂

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Your cover photo is the big bold header that will be shown throughout the site whereas the gallery photos are ones that show a little more about who you are.

Cover photos get you noticed, gallery photos get you known.

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YES! We have been watching all of the feedback other sites have been receiving online and thought the price gouging was not something that you should have to deal with.

Paramour will eventually have a premium service to help cover the costs of running the site but it will NOT be a requirement to be able to use our listing site to help grow your business. It will be a low cost addon that you can choose if you wish for boosted traffic and things like that.

You deserve to be seen, online, and we want to help you do just that!

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We have started the site with Canada and the United States as being active locations available… but we are happy to add yours! Just create your listing and prior to our making it live we will add your country to our list and adjust your listing for you.

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We get it – there are lots of options out there… Some are pretty good and some are appalling (we are being nice picking that word to describe the bad ones).

We got tired of coming across sites that charged stupid amounts of money for something that we know costs very little to operate. We also HATE seeing sites that look like they were built in the 90s!

We decided to put a little time and effort into building a listing site that looks great and has killer SEO. Think of it as our homage to the lovely people who take on important work and giving them a safe space online to get noticed.

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Your bet! Just post in the general discussion area and we will add it as long as it fits the community!

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Heellllll no! We have first hand knowledge of the crap companions have to deal with on some of the other sites. Ours will be actively moderated and your safety comes first – always.

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