We have been asked several times over the last few weeks on how to take an in person business online. Here are some of our top recommendations for you to become an online success!

Choose the right platform to host your content

It all starts here and you should never dilute yourself. Choosing the right place to host your valuable content should take into consideration things such as:

  • What do you get for free and what is a premium (cost) upgrade
  • How often does the site payout and via what methods
  • What are the reviews of the site from other content creators. Be sure to look at many so you get a true feel and not “paid for” reviews
  • Does the site promote its content creators
  • Can you reach out and contact a successful creator and ask for mentorship?
  • Does the site consistently create its own content for SEO reasons?

Less is More with design

Nobody likes a busy site or one that looks like it was built in the 90’s. A clean simple design and one that leads your potential customer to a buying decision is a must have when you choose the look and feel of your hosted content. Does the platform you chose allow for your creativity in this area? If not have you thought of building your own content site and keeping all of the profits for yourself? Talk to someone who has done this if you are considering your own site, there is a lot of work but there is also a lot of potential rewards too.

Build an email list from day one

The second someone visits your hosted content or site they have told you that they are interested. It might not be right now but at sometime in the future that warm lead could potentially become a buying customer. Make sure you have a way to communicate with them in the future via collecting their email address or having a pixel on your site. (Pixels a lead captures are a whole article onto themselves!) There are hundreds of great how to’s out there on Youtube and other places, go have a search!

Get more organic traffic from good SEO

The best traffic is free traffic. Good and Great Search Engine Optimization will bring you free traffic in time and all of the work you put into keyword research and well written copy will pay off. SEO is not a set and forget to do though and builds slowly over time… but it is well worth it!

Make data based decisions

If you are going to take on a new type of content or market to a new customer profile look at the data first! Are there others in that niche that are successful and do they seem to get a lot of interactions and conversations via their social channels? If you are tracking your own analytics what does it tell you about your visitors? Are they more often than not viewing a certain type of your content, if yes MAKE MORE OF THAT!

Leverage other sites to drive traffic to you

Links to your content from other sites builds your sites’ credibility and tells search engines that you are relevant when something is searched for. Always create listings with links to your content for both online and offline offerings. The more links you have (from credible sources, never buy links) the better!

Be and active participant on other sites

The whole point of social media is to be social! Taking part in conversations shows the world that you are a real person behind the screen (trust me people do not trust that they are not talking to a bot or something else). Stay true to who you are and what you want to be seen as, that’s your brand and your raving fans will love you for it.

Use social proof to win new customers

Testimonials and reviews are a must have. They allow new potential clients to get a feel for what to expect and ease any fears that they might have in reaching out to you for the first time. Look for sites that you can trust and that have integrity and send your clients there to leave you truthful reviews.

Effectively use FOMO

Fear Or Missing Out – we all have it and you need to leverage it. Limited time offers, only the first three people to purchase and the list goes on in ways you can create a sense of potential missing out. Don’t allow people to take you for granted due to you always doing and saying the same things, mix it up! Let them know if they are not quick to act (purchase) someone else will get their spot of exclusive content!


Always look for ways to optimize the experience you are providing. Better cameras and sound, a wider array of offerings, in person meetings – it’s all meant to be optimized to output the best you possibly can. A set and forget approach is easy seen through and people will pass you buy if things are not always improving or increasing. Always Optimize.

I hope this is helpful! If you have questions I would LOVE to help, reach out to me via Twitter – @paramourv

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