Nothing opens a door or an opportunity faster than being aware of and using the correct etiquette in an encounter. In recent conversations with well known companions here are some etiquette tips to live by that will help you as a client become better attuned, and connected, to those that you meet!

  1. The time you spend in a session is only for the two of you. That means there is no reason to ask questions about other clients, companions or the business at large. In other words, respect privacy of all and do not pry.
  2. Hygiene is paramount! Arrive fresh and well presented and if not ask if there are facilities for you to clean up on arrival. One key point we heard was that not having to endure odors or scratches from untrimmed finger nails allows both parties to feel more at ease. After all there are many senses and touch and smell are two major ones!
  3. You are there to enjoy time TOGETHER. You’re not there to do what you want and leave the other party feeling used. When both parties are engaged, and things are enjoyed by both things will always go better.
  4. Respect booking times. If you are directed to arrive 5 minutes prior to an appointment… DO THAT! Also respect that when a session ends, and you are told so that you should be prompt in your departure.
  5. Know the basic guidelines before you arrive. This saves you from a potentially awkward conversation and allows you to know the ground rules and what to expect.
  6. Always respect a companions’ wishes. This should go without saying but never try to coerce more than what is willingly provided. Don’t be that client, no one likes that client.
  7. Negotiating rates will make you miss out. This is another one that should go without saying… Either the rate is in your price range or it isn’t, there are many options so find the ones that fit your budget. A companion should not be made to feel less than due to your budgetary issues.

Have more to add? Post them in the comments below and we will add your thoughts to this list so that more people can learn from your experiences!

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